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Playing Strategy Clixgrid in ClixSense

To be able to play Clixgrid must have already registered on ClickSense, if not immediately open HOW TO EARN SOME MONEY FROM CLIXSENSE - SPECIAL STEP BY STEP and it is complimentary.

For this time I will share tricks and ways to get dollars in Clixsense, especially in playing Clixgrid, this principle requires us luck. if you are lucky you will get $ 0.01, $ 0.25, $ 0.50, $ 1 and even $ 5 per day to play this Clixgrid. For a standard member was given 25 opportunities while for Premium members click per day given 50 opportunities. For those who have more capital to upgrade to a premium member in order to double the first opportunity. Because the chances are very small of an image that already has a grid of 20 x 30 grid with a total of 600 columns.

So how to be able to maximize the opportunities.
1.       Log in to your Clixsense account, then select Clixgrid at the top.
2.       After that start with a picture that will emerge from your grid.
3.       Use the application unclock picture at the bottom of the picture. Its function is to select the images to be used without changing the image, after the page window is closed. It was counted as saving bandwidth Internet, rather than see the muter-muter buferring continue. hehe.
4.     Then use the opportunity that you have to click one by one, when the lucky days, you will be a winner. Without hard to guess where the bonus is.
5.    If not lucky try to make a clone image to JPG on your computer by using the printscreen key on the computer keyboard. then open the Paint application (program default Windows) and choose Paste or keyboard keys Ctrl + V. then crop the image to fit the perspective of the right eyes. then click the right mouse button and select cut. select new in the file and save when there is demand for the first picture not saved. ignore it. open new page after the new Paint earlier. use the mouse to drag the corner of a white empty box into the box as small as possible. then click Paste or Ctrl + V, then save. store is easy to find.
6.      On the next day and get the same opportunities, open the image file saved earlier using Paint. seen in the grid that has been selected on the last occasion.
7.   Click and select your appropriate luck today and do not forget the Paint of your choice can be designated this time with the Paint tools, either by using brushes or rectangle, as shown below.
8.    Remember not to repeat the form that you click preferred yesterday you had not click at all. there is a possibility that once clicked the grid to win, but still greater opportunities that have not been clicked. semisalnya on-grid 16 x 2 you've won $ 0.25, then do not click on the grid because it is less likely to win again on the same grid.
9.    Variation click you every day by way of straight on a single row or column, diagonally, randomly or forming interesting patterns.

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